IMI Innovative medicines intitiative - EFPIA

Mail from Petra Naster, work package lead in the IMI Trials@Home consortium.

A European project funded by the European Commission and EFPIA members that aims to reshape clinical trial design, conduct and operations, by developing and piloting standards, recommendations, and tools for the definition and operationalisation of remote decentralised clinical trials (RDCTs) in Europe.

To find out how the different stakeholders involved in clinical trials perceive RDCT’s we have developed a series surveys for them, to probe them on their knowledge of such trials and find out how we can develop training and education materials to help them better understand how they work. We have already conducted a survey towards Principal Investigators, Patients and we’re now finalizing one for the General Practitioners, hence why I’m reaching out to you with the kind request if you could help us distribute this survey through your international network of practitioners.